Aleksander Perendzhiev: North-South is a strategic project

Aleksander Perendzhiev: North-South is a strategic project

A press conference dedicated to the first trilateral meeting among the leaders of Azerbaijan, Iran and Russia in Baku, took place today at Tass news agency. Aleksander Perendzhiev, Associate Professor of Political Science and Sociology of Plekhanov Russian Economic University, told VK about prospects of political and economic cooperation in the region in the light of the development of North-South transport corridor.

"This transport corridor is important from several viewpoints. Firstly, it is an economic development. Secondly, it is a strategic project. We should keep in mind transportation issues. Maybe even military-political and military cooperation on these roads, including an ability to help each other. I mean not only military, but also humanitarian aid,’’ the expert added in an interview with a Vestnik Kavkaza correspondent.

"The next moment is development of such areas as tourism and cultural exchanges. The road is a link, that can connect any spheres. That’s what it is,’’ he said.

Speaking about the importance of the corridor for each country, the Associate Professor said that it will make the countries more open.  "Certainly, this interaction may even lead to some integration of our economies. In a certain sense, transport and roads are the basis for an economic and political rapprochement,’’ the expert added.


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