All Azerbaijani acrobats qualify to finals of FIG Acrobatic Gymnastics World Cup in Baku

All Azerbaijani acrobats qualify to finals of FIG Acrobatic Gymnastics World Cup in Baku

The first day of the FIG Acrobatic Gymnastics World Cup ended in Baku. The participants of tomorrow's finals in five categories were determined by the sum of their performances.

The leaders of the tournament became Russians Timofei Ivanov and Maxim Karavayev, who received 57.7 points in balance  and dynamics routines. Alexander Shubin and Mikhail Vikhrov (Russia, 56.021 points), Daniel Dil and Vadim Shulyar (Kazakhstan, 55.614 points), Murad Akperov and Seymour Jafarov (Azerbaijan, 55.182 points), Artem Yashchenko and Alexey Zayats ( Belarus, 55,128 points), Shavit Attar and Gaul Feldman (Israel, 48,838 points) also qualified to the finals in the men’s pairs.

Gubsky-Lukyanov-Petrov-Solun (Russia, 56.221 points), Kudryashov-Sorokin-Tukashvili-Zadorin (Russia, 55.944 points), Aris-Bhosle-More-Sureshbabu (India, 42.322 points), Rohit-Nagpal-Nitesh-Sawan (India, 40.488 points) will participate in the men’s group competitions.

In the women's pairs and groups, all participants qualified to the finals, as there were fewer than four teams in each category.

Russia is leading in the mixed pairs competitions - Victoria Aksenova and Kirill Startsev showed the best result of 58.571 points. Both Azerbaijani pairs - Abdullah Al-Meshaykhi and Ruhidil Gurbanly, Agasif Ragimov and Nurdzhan Jabbarli - also reached the finals with 58.118  and 55.403 points respectively.

Kazakhstani Nikita Amoskin and Anastasia Dolganyuk (57.799 points), both Belarusian couples Arthur Belyakov and Olga Melnik (57.025 points), Konstantin Evtaviev and Anna Kasyan (56.245 points), Ukrainians Dmitro Bordykivski and Natalia Yuskiv (52,794 points) will participate in the mixed pairs finals, as well as another Russian couple, Vladimir Nikolaev and Ekaterina Melnikova (52.351 points).


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