Almost 30% of all tourists in Azerbaijan come from Russia

Almost 30% of all tourists in Azerbaijan come from Russia

From January through October 2019, 2,682 people from 192 countries arrived in Azerbaijan, or 10.8 percent more than in the same period of 2018, Trend reports with reference to Azerbaijan’s State Statistics Committee.

About 29.8 percent of the total number of the tourists account for Russia, 22.1 percent for Georgia, 9.8 percent for Turkey, 8.2 percent for Iran, 3.7 percent for Saudi Arabia, 2 percent for the UAE, 1.9 percent for tourists from India and Ukraine each, 1.7 percent for Iraq and Turkmenistan each, 1.6 percent for Israel, 1.5 percent for Kazakhstan, 1.4 percent for Pakistan, 1.2 percent for the UK, and 11.5 percent for citizens of other countries.

In terms of gender indicators, 66.1 percent of those who arrived in Azerbaijan were men, 33.9 percent - women.

The biggest increase in the number of arrivals from January through October 2019 was among tourists from Turkmenistan, the number of whom increased by 96.5 percent. The number of tourists from India increased by 66.5 percent, China - by 64.2 percent.

The number of tourists from Egypt grew by 62.5 percent, Saudi Arabia - 43.7 percent, Malaysia -41.3 percent, the Philippines - 36.6 percent, Poland - 32.7 percent, Hungary – 31.4 percent, Spain - 28.9 percent, Uzbekistan - 26.1 percent, Kazakhstan - 24.1 percent, the UK - 23.7 percent, Germany - 21.3 percent, Georgia - 21.2 percent, and South Korea - 20.3 percent.

In the reporting period, the number of guests arriving from the EU countries in Azerbaijan increased by 22.3 percent and amounted to 121,500 people, while from the CIS countries increased by 9.2 percent and amounted to 974,200 people.

According to the State Statistics Committee, 58 percent of tourists who arrived in Azerbaijan used railroad and car, 41.2 percent – air transport, and 0.8 percent – water transport.


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