Altay Hasanov: Gymnastics World Cup in Baku is recognition of successes of Azerbaijan

Altay Hasanov: Gymnastics World Cup in Baku is recognition of successes of Azerbaijan

 Azerbaijan began to conduct international tournaments in gymnastics a prestigious series, which confirmed a recognition and appreciation of the possibilities of the republic in the world of gymnastics. The vice-president of the Gymnastics Federation of Azerbaijan Altay Hasanov told today on the threshold of the opening of the FIG Challenge of the Artistic Gymnastics World Cup Series in Baku.

"The event has a very serious status. In the Olympic cycle it is held only in three countries: the United Kingdom, Japan, and Azerbaijan. We have deserved this right because Azerbaijani gymnasts began to achieve success in gymnastics. We are always on the top in gymnastics, we have long been. We are on the top in rhythmic gymnastics and we can compete with the strongest teams in the world, but we take first steps in artistic gymnastics. As you can see, these steps are quite successful. We were recognized and teams came to our place. And people await that the competitions will be held at the highest level,'' vice-president of AGF said.

The level of training has already been noted by heads and representatives of the delegations, which arrived at the World Cup. During a meeting with the leadership of the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation they didn't express any remarks. "It means that the Federation and the Organizing Committee have prepared very well,'' Altay Hasanov said.

The AGF Vice-President said that the Federation is waiting for worthy performances by Azerbaijani gymnasts. "It is the beginning of the season. The most important thing we start will be at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. The competitions in Baku are a good thing because the native walls help us, but it is not always easy for our athletes to perform here. Therefore, we can have a test before the most important start – the European Championship and the Olympic Games,'' Trend cites him as saying.

Altay Hasanov added that the World Cup will be beneficial both for Baku and gymnasts who are to compete there. "We are gaining experience, our athletes compete with the leading gymnasts of the world who are happy to perform in Baku. It is not a secret anymore that Baku has become a kind of sporting capital of the region. A lot of competitions take place here and guests are always met very well,'' the Vice-President of the gymnastics Federation of Azerbaijan concluded, expressing confidence that athletes and delegations will enjoy their stay in Baku and have only positive emotions.


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