Anatoly Aksakov: Russian government needs new blood

Anatoly Aksakov: Russian government needs new blood

Head of the State Duma’s Committee for Financial Markets Anatoly Aksakov, speaking to Vestnik Kavkaza, commented on the resignation of Dmitry Medvedev's Cabinet and President Vladimir Putin's proposal to appoint Mikhail Mishustin as the new prime minister.

First of all, the MP suggested that the president needed new personnel to more effectively address the challenges facing the country. "The great challenges have been set — national projects, presidential decrees, the President’s State of the Nation Address — which require serious organizational and financial work. Therefore, apparently, the president decided that it requires new blood," he said.

Anatoly Aksakov also recalled that in recent years "the Cabinet has been severely criticized regarding the implementation of national projects."

The head of the State Duma Committee described Mikhail Mishustin as a highly professional and highly qualified manager. "He has already proved that he can effectively solve the tasks assigned to him. He created one of the best information systems for tax administration," he said.

"I think the key task will be to solve the issues voiced during the President’s Address yesterday - demography, education and healthcare. All this can be realized only on the basis of economic growth, and in order to support economic growth, all national projects must be actively implemented," Anatoly Aksakov concluded.


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