Ancient city on sale in Turkey

Ancient city on sale in Turkey

The ancient city of Bargylia, a community dating back some 2,500 years, is seeking a new protector. 

Bargylia, on the Turkish coast of the Aegean Sea in what was once governed by Athens, has been put up for sale for a snip at 35 million lira (£5.8m), in an attempt to protect its catalogue of archaeological sites.

Today, the ancient ruins and modern-day town of Boğaziçi are a stone’s throw from the popular beach resort of Bodrum.

The 330 acres of land, which includes the remains of a defensive wall, a temple and a theatre, has been put up for sale before, in 2015, but with a ban on any excavations, owing to the site’s Grade 1 archaeological merit, there were no buyers. The asking price has since fallen £1.5million

It is believed many of the ancient city’s most remarkable finds remain underground, but no government-backed work can take place on the land because it remains privately owned, as it has since 1927, the Telegraph reported.