Ancient palace discovered in Azerbaijan’s Shamkir

Ancient palace discovered in Azerbaijan’s Shamkir

An international Azerbaijan-Germany archeological expedition is continuing excavations near Shamkir’s Garajamirli village, at the site of an ancient town believed to have been founded 2500 years ago.

The expedition has concluded that there are huge ancient palaces with large columns and long corridors. Archeologists believe that a place in this ancient town, which existed between 550 BC and 330 BC, is comparable to those in the ancient Persian cities of Pasargadae and Persepolis of the Achaemenid Empire. This ancient town discovered near Shamkir’s Garajamirli village is believed to have once functioned as an administrative center for the Achaemenid Empire to control the entire South Caucasus, APA cited the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences as saying.

Head of the expedition, Ilyas Babayev, said a total of 28 column roots have been unearthed at the site so far. 
“There seem to be more than a hundred column roots here. The palace has an entrance, which is 8 meters in width and 25 meters in length. Right behind the entrance is an audience hall 675 square meters large, surrounded by corridors and large halls. The items discovered here are few in numbers but mostly elite. The most fascinating thing is that cuneiform inscriptions have been found here,” he said.