Andrey Karlov immortalized in graffiti in Antalya

(C) Photo by Alexei Stolyarov
(C) Photo by Alexei Stolyarov

A graffiti portraying Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov was created in Antalya. It was drawn by Russian artist Alexander Gushchin from Yekaterinburg on the wall of the Shopping Mall on the Antalya-Kemer road, the event organizer Alexei Stolyarov, who is also known as pranker Lexus, said.

‘’On the walls of the houses in Moscow we saw the images of Gagarin and other great citizens of our country and thought that our contemporaries are worth of it as well. The idea of ​​a portrait of Karlov belongs to the director from Yekaterinburg Andrey Krupin and me. We decided to go to Turkey and create such a street art’’, RIA Novosti quotes him as saying.


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