Andrey Petrov on Vesti.FM: the West has not supported Duda and Zelensky’s accusations against Russia

Andrey Petrov on Vesti.FM: the West has not supported Duda and Zelensky’s accusations against Russia

The reaction of Western media to the 75th anniversary of the Auschwitz liberation by the Soviet army became a litmus test for assessing the attitude of the world countries towards modern Russia, Vestnik Kavkaza’s senior analyst Andrey Petrov said in the National Question program on Vesti.FM.

The analyst drew attention to the fact that there was almost no direct negative reaction towards Russia. "The key position in the Holocaust issue is held by Israel and the Jewish diaspora, and they directly emphasize that only the Red Army managed to end the horrors of Auschwitz," he said.

"There was only one vivid anti-Russian publication consistent with the statements of Zelensky and Duda - Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s interview to the British Telegraph. In the interview, Morawiecki repeated all Warsaw’s current ideas about the Holocaust, including the responsibility of the Soviet Union for this crime and the intention of the present Russian state to ‘rewrite the history of the Holocaust.’ Thus, the newspaper published an article in line with the anti-Russian policy of London washing its hands of it, because the accusations were made by the representative of the Polish government,” the senior analyst drew attention.

“The Die Welt’s article, where the Auschwitz’s liberation was turned into the listing of Stalin’s crimes, was less prominent. At least, it does not deny the role of the Soviet troops in ending the Holocaust and Jewish pogroms in Poland. Thus, the event itself was used more as an excuse to state something against Russia rather than to support Poland, with which Germany, of course, cannot agree due to its desire to evade the responsibility,” Andrey Petrov said.

The expert drew attention that he did not see the publications in support of Duda and Zelensky’s words in the US media. “Obviously, the Holocaust does not allow the American propaganda to compose post-truth. There were no complimentary articles addressed to the Red Army and the Soviet Union for the liberation of Auschwitz, but the publicatiatons that I read at least did not say that it was done by someone else and the Kremlin was responsible for the Holocaust. The only thing worth mentioning is an article in Bloomberg, where both Poland and Russia were convicted of trying to distort history,” the expert added.

"In general, the statements of Duda and Zelensky did not find much support in the West. That is, Ukraine and Poland are used by the West as the leaders of the struggle against Russia, but no one is going to agree with them when they are solving internal problems," Andrey Petrov concluded.


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