Ankara holds rally in support of Maduro

Ankara holds rally in support of Maduro

A group of Turkish people on Saturday took to the streets in support of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, Anadolu agency reports.
 The demonstration was organized by Ankara Platform for the Freedom of Religion and the crowd met in front of the Venezuelan embassy in the capital.

The crowd chanted slogans such as “Stand tall, Turkey with you”. Zeynel Abidin Ozkan, spokesman for the platform, told reporters that they had gathered in front of the embassy to show solidarity with Maduro. 

“We call on imperialists. If you have sneaky plans, cannons, rifles, we have our faith, brotherhood, prayers, oppressed people,” Ozkan said. Venezuela's self-declared interim president Juan Guaido called fresh protests on Saturday to demand Maduro to cede power after a week of sporadic mass protests. The last round of demonstrations took place Wednesday.