Ankara tells Washington everything about Gulen

Ankara tells Washington everything about Gulen

Ankara provided Washington with evidence of the guilt of opposition Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen, who is believed by Ankara to be the mastermind behind a recent failed coup attempt, that should be sufficient enough for his arrest, Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag said following talks with his US counterpart, Loretta Lynch, in Washington.

"We discussed Turkey’s requests about extradition as well as his temporary detention,” Bozdağ said at a news conference, adding that American leaders understood Turkey’s concerns, noting that experts of the two countries would work together on the case. 

“We have submitted sufficient even more than sufficient, evidences to have Gulen detained,” the Anadolu news agency cited Bozdag as saying.

Bozdag also shared Turkey’s concerns that Gülen might flee the US, adding that Ankara has intelligence that the leader is searching for asylum in a number of countries, including Belgium, Canada and Brazil. 

Gülen's extradition is unlikely at the moment, despite the current Turkish-US extradition agreement. This is what a Turkish political scientist Togrul Ismail told Vestnik Kavkaza.

"Yes, according to this agreement, if the United States considers that Turkey has provided all the necessary documents, then they can extradite Fethullah Gulen. Earlier the Turkish government said that they sent the US all the required documents. Therefore, a delegation headed by the Minister Bozdag arrived in the US: they will demand Fethullah Gulen's extradition from the United States," he noted.

"As an expert, I believe that the US will delay this process in their political considerations, but, of course, trying to justify themselves relying on the technical aspects. Therefore, it seems to me that Gülen's extradition to Turkey is unlikely at the moment," the expert explained.

If Gulen is arrested, it will cause a number of consequences, the expert noted. "In the first place, it will almost put an end to his terrorist organization, at least, the country's leadership believes in it," the analyst said.

"Second, the fight against the terrorist organization, the arrest of Gulen, his extradition to Turkey will strengthen the country's leadership. Third, it will further clarify the legal process ," Togrul Ismail concluded.

Political scientist Orhan Gafarli also doubted the US will extradite Gulen, noting that the legal process has become political.

"We cannot say for sure whether Gulen will be arrested in the US. It is obvious that this process in the United States has lost legal force and became political," he said.

The expert stressed that from a legal standpoint, there is enough evidence of Gulen's guilt to warrant his extradition. "We do not know what kind of evidence of Fethullah Gulen's involvement in the coup the Turkish leadership sent to the US, but I think that they have enough to be sure of his guilt," Gafarli said.

Speaking about the political background of the case, he noted that it is difficult to say what the outcome of the process is going to be, due to the upcoming US presidential elections among other things. "In addition, there are concerns that Gulen may leave the US for Canada," the expert added.

According to the analyst, Gulen's arrest will serve as another proof that his organization was involved in the coup, and the government will start fighting against this group more actively.

Finally, they will make changes to the new Constitution about hiring officials for government positions. "The Turkish leadership will prevent in the future situations when one group could easily get into power," Orhan Gafarli concluded.


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