Ankara won’t allow relations with Moscow to be spoiled

Ankara won’t allow relations with Moscow to be spoiled

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's visit to Russia remains in the focus of the western and Turkish mass media. Experts and political analysts are wondering how relations, which cooled some time ago, will develop. Turkish political analysts said in an interview with Vestnik Kavkaza that Erdogan’s visit to Russia has proved once again that Turkey won’t allow external forces to spoil relations between the two countries and the two leaders stick to a balanced policy, which is in the interests of both countries.

Speaking about Erdogan's trip to Russia, political analyst Hussein Altynalan stressed several points. According to him, despite the differences between the two countries regarding some issues, Erdogan's visit showed that the parties are willing to continue to cooperate at the highest level. Certainly, this fact is very important. In addition, he alarmed some circles who want to see Russia and Turkey as enemies.

"When the two leaders opened the Moscow Cathedral Mosque, some mass media had identical headlines ‘Russian troops in Syria’ as if they had received an order. They claimed all known rumors as recent news. Undoubtedly, it was a manipulation of perception that reflects how some forces are concerned about the rapprochement of Turkey and Russia," Altynalan said.

On the other hand, according to experts, Erdogan attended the opening of the mosque because it is a historically significant event for all Muslims living in Russia.

Another Turkish expert, Burhan Ozkoshar, noted that relations between Russia and Turkey had moments from time to time. Ozkoshar stressed that, despite pressure from the EU, Russian-Turkish cooperation is developing steadily. Energy projects and efforts directed at increasing trade turnover at the time of the global crisis helped the countries to conduct even more balanced and good-neighborly relations policy.

"But differences over the Syrian issue are obvious, although we cannot say that they have spoiled Russian-Turkish relations. And this visit is just a diplomatic step, directed at smoothing out some tense moments in relations. But there is another reality. Today the Syrian military opposition is being prepared in Turkey with the support of the United States. Now they are fighting Assad. Russia has also supported Assad against ISIS, although it is possible that servicemen will be simultaneously used against the opposition. I think that during the visit, Erdogan tried to soften the diplomatic issues between the two countries,’’ the expert said.

He noted that the settlement of the Syrian crisis meets both the interests of the two countries and the interests of the conflicting parties. "The attempts could be in vain because of thoughtless actions, no matter how long the countries try to build favorable relations. We can see such an inexpedient policy in Syria and Turkey now. In the course of six months, Erdogan and Assad, who called themselves brothers, turned into irreconcilable enemies. And the only culprit in all this situation is the United States," Burhan Ozkoshar concluded.


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