Anna Krasteva Stoyanova: AGF organizes fantastic tournaments

Anna Krasteva Stoyanova: AGF organizes fantastic tournaments

The Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation has organized fantastic tournaments, Norwegian gymnast Anna Krasteva Stoyanova said, speaking with the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza after the qualification round with hoop and ball routines at the Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships in Baku.

"AGF has organised the fantastic tournament. The carpet, the arena, the whole organization and conditions here are amazing. I am very glad that I am here today, the tournament in Baku is a very valuable experience," she stressed.

Anna Krasteva Stoyanova thanked Baku fans for their support. "It’s so nice when the audience claps and cheers you on, it gives you extra strength," the Norwegian gymnast admitted.

The gymnast also said that the opening ceremony of the European Championships in Baku was the best ceremony she had ever seen. "It was so beautiful, just incredible. I expected the opening to be modest and short, but  the ceremony turned out to be amazing," she shared her impressions.

Baku is hosting the 35th Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships at the National Gymnastics Arena. Athletes from 35 countries are taking part in the championships. During the four-day championships, senior female gymnasts will perform in the individual program, while junior gymnasts will participate in the group exercise program. In total, the gymnasts will compete for 8 medal sets.  


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