Another reason why Azerbaijan won Karabakh war

Another reason why Azerbaijan won Karabakh war

Global Firepower has released Power Index 2020 listing out countries on the basis of how powerful their militaries are on a scale of 1-138.

According to the ranking, Azerbaijan has strengthened its military strength and increased its position to 64the place. Armenia is ranked at 111th. 

According to Global Firepower, Azerbaijan's total military personnel 426,000 people. Armenia has 1.5 fewer military personnel: 245,000 people.

Azerbaijan's airpower is more than twice as big as Armenia's one: 147 aircraft against 64. 

Azerbaijan has 570 tanks, 1451 armored fighting vehicles, 414 artillery units, 162 rocket projections. Armenia has only 110 tanks, 748 armored fighting vehicles, 188 artillery units and 68 rocket projections.

In addition, Armenia has no fleet, while Azerbaijan has 31 naval assets, including 4 submarines.

Azerbaijan's defense budget is $2.8 billion, Armenia has $1.3 billion.


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