Armavir's resident won in Kislovodsk marathon

Armavir's resident won in Kislovodsk marathon

One of the most difficult marathons in Russia took place today in the National Park of the Stavropol resort town of Kislovodsk. Aleksey Mamarin from Armavir won the 42 km marathon, - said its organizer Mikhail Shorov.

"The participants were from four countries and more than 140 cities of Russia. The winner was Alexey Mamarin, a three-time champion of the Kislovodsk marathon, he is from Armavir," Shorov said, reports TASS.

The day before, a carnival race was held on the track, in which participants in the costumes of Spider-man, Santa Claus, a witch and characters from cartoons and fairy tales, overcame a distance of 800 m.Then children's races were held for participants 3-6 years old and for 7-10 years. Today, on the main day of the marathon, the participants ran distances of 2, 10, 21, 42 km.


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