Armenia 2nd President Kocharyan supporter arrested

Armenia 2nd President Kocharyan supporter arrested

Varuzhan Mkrtchyan, a supporter of second President Robert Kocharyan of Armenia, who, according to a video released by police on December 19, had proposed an injured party of the March 1 case to refuse the testimony he had given, and in exchange for money and, later, a position, has been detained. Arevik Khachatryan, Head of the Public Relations Department of the Prosecutor General's Office, informed, reports.

She noted that a criminal case had been instituted in connection with the case.

Mkrtchyan has been detained on suspicion under the Criminal Code article on bribery or coercion by an organized group for fraudulent testimony, false conclusion, or wrong translation.

According to the report, Varuzhan Mkrtchyan had invited one of the victims of the March 1, 2008 events to his office in Yerevan, and asked this person to refuse the injured party's status, the testimony he had given, and not attend the respective court hearings, saying he was ready to pay the money the state shall provide to this victim as financial support. In addition, Mkrtchyan had promised that after the change of power, this victim will be appointed to a high post.

Police launched a criminal case into this incident.

Within the framework of this criminal case, among other actions, searches were carried out as well.