Armenia focuses on shelling Azerbaijani villages

Armenia focuses on shelling Azerbaijani villages

Armenian armed forces have again opened fire at the Dondar Gushchu village in Azerbaijan's Tovuz region using large-caliber weapons and artillery installations, spokesman for the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense Vagif Dargahli said.

Dargahli said that a residential building was damaged, yet no human casualties were reported.

Earlier on the morning of July 14, units of the Armenian armed forces shelled the villages of Agdam and Alibeyli in the Tovuz region from large-caliber guns and artillery. No human casualties were reported.

Starting from noon on July 12, units of the armed forces of Armenia, grossly violating the ceasefire in the direction of Azerbaijan’s Tovuz district along the Azerbaijani-Armenian state border, opened artillery fire at Azerbaijani positions.

Azerbaijan's armed response forced the Armenian army to retreat suffering losses.

The tensions in Tovuz district on the Azerbaijan-Armenia state border continued July 12 night. During the night battles, by using artillery, mortars and tanks, the Azerbaijani armed forces destroyed a stronghold, bombshells, vehicles and servicemen on the territory of Armenia’s military unit. 

Four Azerbaijani servicemen were killed during the battles.