Armenia may replace state of emergency with quarantine

Armenia may replace state of emergency with quarantine

An extraordinary session of the Armenian parliament, scheduled for September 4, will consider a set of legislative amendments, designed to replace the state of emergency that was announced first on March 16 to stop the spread of coronavirus and was extended several times.

The latest extension ends on September 11. Earlier this week the government indicated it will not extend the state of emergency.

According to the official website of the parliament, the lawmakers will consider a string of amendments to a whole package of laws concerning the state of emergency, ensuring public health in the event of sanitary and epidemiological threats. 

The amendments will also modify the laws related to territorial administration in the regions and the capital Yerevan, as well as the issue of administrative fines.

The amendments stipulate that quarantine can be imposed in case of the spread of viral diseases in the territory of Armenia, and the emergence of an epidemic. It can be introduced in a separate community at the suggestion of the health authorities, the regional governor or the community mayor. Quarantine can be established in a certain part of a town or in a certain territory, including at enterprises and other economic entities. At the same time, the government can declare quarantines throughout the country, at border checkpoints, as well as in two or more regions.

The amendments also provide for introduction of a special regime of entry and exit, a temporary restriction or prohibition of crossing the border. They also call for  restricting freedom of movement of citizens and vehicles and introducing isolation and self-isolation of citizens.

If necessary, stricter rules can be established, such as restrictions to hold and participate in mass and public events. The stricter rules may be applied to legal entities, educational institutions, local and state authorities.

If these proposed changes are adopted, the state of emergency will no longer be extended, and upon the expiration of its term, the new adopted norms will already be in effect, ARKA reported.

As of today, 190 new cases of coronavirus were recorded in Armenia, bringing the total number to 44,461. In total, 891 people have died from COVID-19 and 39,257 patients have recovered.