Armenia parliament ex-deputy speaker terminates RPA membership

Armenia parliament ex-deputy speaker terminates RPA membership

Ex-Vice President of the National Assembly Arpine Hovhannisyan said that she has decided to terminate her membership to the former ruling Republican Party of Armenia.

“Last week I received the license for [conducting] attorney activities, and I will join the community of attorneys,” she wrote on Facebook. “I founded an NGO. Our objective will be to oversee the processes taking place in the country, reveal the problems; but along with that, to offer the solutions. I will carry out professional activities in the status of a partner at the consulting firm."

“Also, I will continue my active lecturer’s and academic-pedagogical activities. I will continue my active involvement in social and political processes," she added.

“Taking all this into account, I have decided to at this phase terminate my membership to the Republican Party of Armenia,” cited Hovhannisyan as saying.


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