Armenia produces less strong drinks, more beer

Armenia produces less strong drinks, more beer

Armenia’s output of strong drinks, including vodka, brandy, whiskey, champagne and wine, have shrunk over the first ten months of this year, the National Statistical Service reported. 

According to the report, vodka output shrank 33% in Jan-Oct 2018 to 2,990,000 liters, brandy 2.6% to 24,207,700 liters, whiskey 30.9% to 627,500 liters, wine 6.6% to 6,436,700 and champagne 3.7% to 413.400 liters.  

Beer output grew 13.7% to 21,076,100 liters in Jan-Oct 2018, ARKA reported.

Also 89,712,900 liters of soft drinks have been produced in Armenia over a period between January and October 2018 – 14.5% more than was produced at the same period a year before.


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