Armenia receives first batch of credit weapons

Armenia receives first batch of credit weapons

The first batch of Russian weapons bought on credit for $200 million has been delivered to Armenia.

It is known that multiple launch rocket systems ‘Tornado’, anti-aircraft missile systems ‘Igla-S’, electronic signal monitoring systems, flamethrower systems and armored cars ‘Tiger’ are among the delivered weapons to Armenia.

It is worth noting that Moscow gave Yerevan preferential credit terms. Thus, interests will be paid only during the first three years. The main amount will be repaid in 10 years.

At the same time, Azerbaijan also purchase Russian weapons. During the last few years Baku bought two battalions of anti-aircraft weapon systems, about a hundred combat and transport helicopters, T-90S tanks, anti-aircraft missile systems, ‘Tor-2ME’ rocket flamethrower systems and other weapons in the amount  $4 billion, ‘Economics today’ reports.

"The aggravation of the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh forces conflicting parties actively purchase weapons. But Armenia’s $200 million investments is a minuscule amount in comparison with spendings on the army of Azerbaijan, amounted to billions of dollars. At least, Yerevan intends to meet the minimum of Azerbaijan’s technical power,’’ the head of the Caucasian Center at the Russian State Humanitarian University, Ismail Agakishiev said.


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