Armenia's RPA agrees monopolization of power was mistake

Armenia's RPA agrees monopolization of power was mistake

Monopolization of power and underestimation of the opposition’s growing role were the main mistakes committed by Armenia’s ruling Republican Party, the republic's acting Justice Minister David Arutyunyan said.

"I believe that our underestimation, the Republican Party’s underestimation of the risks monopolization of power by one party can be fraught with became the main problem. It was our main mistake which we recognize. A strong opposition in the country spells strong government," TASS cited him as saying.

According to the acting minister, the monopolization of power was the main cause of protests and warned against repeating the same mistakes.

"We should not replace one monopoly by another one. The process must be politically inclusive to the maximum extent. We understand that this is the sole way of moving forward," Arutyunyan explained.


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