Armenian diaspora attacks Azerbaijanis in Los Angeles

Armenian diaspora attacks Azerbaijanis in Los Angeles

The representatives of Armenian diaspora living in Los Angeles surrounded the building of Azerbaijan's Consulate General and held an action with aggressive and provocative anti-Azerbaijani slogans on July 21, according to the Consulate General.

However, to their surprise, members of the Azerbaijani community living in California opposed the Armenians, preventing their provocation. Members of the Azerbaijani community held posters with "Karabakh is Azerbaijan!", "Stop the aggression of Armenia!", "Justice for Khojaly!", "During the COVID-19 pandemic, Armenia started a war against Azerbaijan - Shame!" and other slogans exposing the Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan and the ethnic cleansing policy.

All employees of the consulate, guided by the consul general, being in the consulate’s office, constantly kept in touch with members of the community. Enraged by this courage of Azerbaijanis who came out to the crowd of Armenians, as well as by the fact that they could not achieve the desired results, the Armenians initiated a scuffle with the Azerbaijanis.

The representatives of the Armenian community started to insult Azerbaijanis from cars, even tried to run them over. Los Angeles police had to be involved to ensure the safety of the members of the Azerbaijani community.

Seeing the growing aggression of the Armenians, the Consulate General, having contacted the local bus companies, asked for a bus to take the Azerbaijanis to a safe place. But, the Los Angeles police officers, stating that they must ensure the safety of the members of the Azerbaijani community, began themselves to escort them to the safe place.

As a result of the scuffle, seven of the Azerbaijanis, including a woman, received various injuries. Moreover, the police officer who protected this woman received a head injury. Four of the injured Azerbaijanis had to be admitted to a hospital.


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