Armenian parliament of 6th convocation to hold first session

Armenian parliament of 6th convocation to hold first session

Armenia’s new parliament, the National Assembly, will hold its first session in Yerevan after the April 2 elections.

Today, 105 lawmakers will select the speaker, his three deputies, one of whom will represent the opposition, and also chairs of standing commissions of the republic’s top legislative body, TASS reported.

Armenia held the first parliamentary elections after the 2015 constitutional reform when it became a parliamentary republic. The new parliament is formed on the multi-party proportional basis. Authorities believe the measure will enhance Armenia’s political system and increase the role of political parties.

Five political parties and four election blocs took part in the election. According to the Central Election Commission, Armenia’s ruling Republican Party led by President Serzh Sargsyan won 58 out of 105 seats. The Tsarukyan Bloc and Elk (Exit) blocs have 31 and 9 seats, respectively. The nationalist party Dashnaktsutyun won seven seats in the parliament.

Observers from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and European structures positively assessed the polls.

Under the constitution, the country’s government will step down on Thursday. The new prime minister will be appointed within 10 days after the cabinet’s resignation. The new government must be formed within 20 days.


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