Armenian terrorists from Syria attacking Russia?

Armenian terrorists from Syria attacking Russia?

Armenian terrorists are hatching plans to destabilize the situation in the region once again - an Armenian battalion operating as part of the PKK/YPG terrorist groups returned from Nagorno-Karabakh to Syria and, unable to bear their crushing defeat in Karabakh, is planning attacks on civilian targets in Turkey, Azerbaijan and Russia, the Bursa Hakimiyet newspaper writes.

"As a result of the Turkish army's successful operations, the militants of the Armenian battalion have lost the opportunity to move freely and trying to maintain their presence in the region. However, they will not be able to avoid their bitter fate," the newspaper cited its Turkish security sources as saying.

"According to the information received, after Armenia's defeat in Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenian groups affiliated with the PKK have been planning high-profile terrorist acts. They blame Russia for this defeat, therefore, they are planning terrorist attacks against civilian objects in this country," the sources say.

The Armenian battalion was formed by the PKK/PYD terrorist organizations in April 2019 from ethnic Armenians living in northern Syria, it was named after Nubar Ozanyan, a terrorist who fought in the ranks of the YPG terrorist organization and was eliminated by Turkish security forces in 2017. The brigade has been trained in YPG camps, after which it took part in the battles against the Turkish army, which was conducting a special operation in northern Syria.


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