Assad explains refugee crisis in EU

Assad explains refugee crisis in EU

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has blasted Europe’s key role in creating chaos in Syria, saying the current refugee crisis in European countries is a consequence of their support for terrorism in the Arab country.

"Why do you have refugees in Europe? It’s a simple question: because of terrorism that’s being supported by Europe," Assad stressed.

"Europe was the main player in creating chaos in Syria.  So, what goes around comes around," the Syrian president said in an interview with Italian TV channel Rai News 24.

"They sent armaments; they created this chaos. That’s why a lot of people find it difficult to stay in Syria; millions of people couldn’t live here so they had to get out of Syria," PressTV cited him as saying.

The Syrian president also warned about other repercussions of external support for terrorism in the Arab state. "Definitely, whenever you have chaos, it’s going to be bad for everyone, it’s going to have side-effects and repercussions, especially when there is external interference," Assad explained.


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