Assembly of World Azerbaijanis slams Armenia's attacks

Assembly of World Azerbaijanis slams Armenia's attacks

The Assembly of World Azerbaijanis condemned the attacks of the Armenian forces on Azerbaijani civilians and military units, the public relations head of a German-based assembly Elshan Yahyayev said.

The military-political leadership of Armenia violates and ignores the norms and principles of international law, Yahyayev stressed, noting that Azerbaijan has witnessed it again since the clashes erupted on Sept. 27.

He noted that instead of monitoring the implementation of the violated international law by the Armenian forces, the "external powers" try to keep Azerbaijan under "increasing pressure" from abroad, adding that Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev "resolutely resists" all these pressures and responds "appropriately" to those who try to influence Azerbaijan by various means.

On Sunday, Azerbaijan, with pictures and footage proving the war crime, accused Armenia of using child soldiers in the battle over the occupied Karabakh. Yahyayev stressed that involving children in the battle "grossly" violated Article 38 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, adopted at the 44th session of the UN General Assembly on Nov. 20, 1989.

"With the blood of hundreds of thousands of people on both sides, Armenia has created an unhappy society that is backward on many sides, out of all international transport and logistics projects, in an economic and geographical siege, and with no prospects for life," Anadolu Agency cited him as saying.

He also underlined that it was "unfortunate" that international organizations turn a blind eye to Armenia's "whims and criminal behavior". "It is their inaction that drives Armenia to new crimes," Yahyayev also said.