Azad Rahimov: Gymnastics occupies a special place in Azerbaijan

Azad Rahimov: Gymnastics occupies a special place in Azerbaijan

‘‘Today gymnastics occupies a special place in the development of sport in Azerbaijan,’’ said Minister of Youth and Sports of the Republic, Azad Rahimov, who made the statement on the sidelines of the FIG World Cup final in Baku.

"Gymnastics bring together sport, artistry, creativity and beauty. We admire both the costumes and the exercises. Above all, we admire the ability of human bodies. It is always very beautiful,’’ he said.

Azad Rahimov reminded that gymnastics has been developing in the Republic for many decades. 

"Today our athlete won a license for participation in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Our team participated in the Olympics in London and Beijing. We were medalists at the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships. Today this kind of sport is actively developing in Azerbaijan thanks to the national gymnastics arena. 

In general, any event turns into large and beautiful holiday of sport if our athletes win there. Such events give a strong impetus to our young people to join sports schools. This is very important,’’ the Minister said.

"It is great that 41 Olympic centers were built throughout the country. Many of them have already opened sections of gymnastics and children from regions have an opportunity to join them in their regions,’’ he added.

Azad Rahimov admitted that he was impressed by the official opening ceremony of the World Cup finals. 

"The opening ceremony was very beautiful. In general, everything that happens with children who are engaged in acrobatics, gymnastics, always looks very beautiful and exciting. We were sitting with Secretary General of the Gymnastics Federation, Farid Gaibov, and shared our thoughts about how soon these girls will perform at the Olympic Games, World Championships and European Games. It is really nice that today they are part of the audience welcoming athletes from 17 countries who are participating in the World Cup in Baku, and tomorrow it will be them who will be competing in the tournament,’’ the Minister said.

Azad Rahimov also noted that he would be present in person at the Olympics in Rio in order to support the Azerbaijani athletes.

The Minister of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan expressed his full support for Russia in the difficult situation due to the doping scandal. 

"We are living through the situation together with Russia, because we have long, close and very friendly relations. We always support each other. I believe that there is no place of collective responsibility in sport," he concluded.


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