Azad Rahimov: closing of Islamic Solidarity Games in Baku to be as festive as opening

Azad Rahimov: closing of Islamic Solidarity Games in Baku to be as festive as opening

The solemn ceremony of closing the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games in Baku will become as festive as the opening ceremony, Azerbaijani Youth and Sports Minister Azad Rahimov said at a press conference today, the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza reports.

According to him, even more people will be able to see the closing ceremony. "At the opening ceremony, half of the seats were occupied by the stage, and now there will be many more seats - we have put 68 thousand tickets for sale," the minister said.

Azad Rahimov spoke about the key rivals of the Azerbaijani team at the wrestling competitions, which started this morning. "I think that the wrestlers from Iran, Turkey and Kazakhstan traditionally will be the most strong opponents," he said.

The minister also refuted the information on the uneven distribution of monetary awards for medals. "All awards will be given in accordance with the president's order. The gold medal winner will receive a cash reward of 100,000 manat," Azad Rahimov stressed.

 A weightlifter Anastasia Ibrahimli, who converted to Islam and who performed in hijab, also attended the press conference. She stressed that hijab is a part of her religion, and it supports her during performances. "I consider it worthy for a woman of faith to wear a hijab," she said.

Anastasia Ibrahimli lifted 100 kg in a snatch, followed by a 119-kg clean and jerk lift. The final result of 219 kg brought her and the Azerbaijani team another gold medal of the Islamic Solidarity Games.


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