Azerbaijan Democratic Republic paves bright way for all peoples of the East

Azerbaijan Democratic Republic paves bright way for all peoples of the East

The first Eastern secular democracy, the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic established 100 years ago, formed a basis for building modern Azerbaijan statehood after the restoration of the country's independence and an example for the whole East, the politicians and political scientists said, speaking with the correspondents of Vestnik Kavkaza.

A Milli Majlis deputy, political scientist Rasim Musabekov stressed that the Republic of Azerbaijan is the direct heir of the ADR, which was proclaimed in 1918. "Even then, the modern statehood was formed in Azerbaijan, which served as a guiding light for the proclamation of the independence of Azerbaijan in 1991. ADR was the first precedent of the republican form of government in the entire Muslim world, it was the first to switch to the Latin alphabet, the first Muslim country to grant women the vote and form a parliament. All it was a very important milestone for the development of Azerbaijan, but it also had a definite positive effect on the entire Muslim community in terms of choosing in favor of democratic, republican forms of government," he pointed out.

In this regard, the Republic of Azerbaijan seeks to preserve, use and develop the legacy of the ADR. "Therefore, in 1991, we again proclaimed a democratic republic. This way the state form of government was inherited, and the choice was made in favor of the development and enlightenment of society. And in this sense Azerbaijan is a secular state, although we are Muslims, but a choice for secular organization of the country's leadership was also inherited from the first republic's traditions," Rasim Musabekov explained.

A Milli Majlis deputy Asim Mollazade also pointed out the importance of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic for the whole East. "The establishment of the ADR played a huge role not only for the Azerbaijani people but also for the whole East as the first secular, democratic state with a republican system. Later, using this experience, the Republic of Turkey was established by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, and as a whole it paved the bright way for all the peoples of the East," the politician said.

Asim Mollazade added that modern Azerbaijan continues its development within the framework of the model of a secular and democratic state, developed in the ADR. "This is very difficult given the legacy of the totalitarian Soviet period, given the geographical proximity to countries with different fundamentalist factions. But Azerbaijan and the people of Azerbaijan are faithful to their path chosen a hundred years ago. I am absolutely sure that within the values ​​of a secular, democratic state with the preservation of historical traditions of multiculturalism, the Azerbaijani model will be very important not only for our people and country, but for many others," he said.

Professor of the Western Caspian University, political scientist Fikret Sadykhov drew attention to the fact that a century ago, the ADR managed to get ahead of time. "The most advanced values ​​for the time were laid in this first democratic, secular republic, which laid the foundation for Azerbaijan's further development. The short period of the republic's existence was marked by the adoption of important laws related to state sovereignty, the state language, and the protection of territorial integrity. Azerbaijan continues the achievements of the first republic, including the democratic power, secularism and the definition of foreign policy and internal political priorities," the professor said.

Fikret Sadikhov emphasized that the legacy of the ADR laid the foundation for the further formation and flourishing of the Azerbaijani people. "Today, being the successors of the ADR, using its values, relying on its principles, we strengthen our independence and create on their basis modern guidelines and directions of the state's work aimed at the prosperity of Azerbaijan, its independence and strengthening of relations with the leading states and regional countries. This is intended to achieve prosperity for Azerbaijan as an independent republic, to make its independence unshakable and eternal," he concluded.


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