Azerbaijan celebrates Ramadan Holiday

Azerbaijan celebrates Ramadan Holiday

Today Azerbaijan marks the Ramadan holiday. Many thousands of Muslims are making festive prayers in the mosques of the country.

The holy month of Ramadan was sent down for the Muslims in the second year of Hegira (AD 622). Ramadan teaches people to love Allah, to test their will and patience. It also teaches people to be wiser and honest.

The history of Ramadan starts when the Prophet Muhammad determined the month Ramadan for this holiday in Medina on the second pilgrimage year. The Quran was given to Muslims on one of the third 10 days of this month. As said, this might happen either on the night from 23rd to 24th or on the night from 26th to 27th. This night is called 'Laylat alkadr'- meaning the great, powerful night.

It is prohibited to eat, drink, and smoke and to engage in sexual intercourse from dawn until sunset.

Fasting starts in Ramadan from the day when new moon is seen and continues for 29-30 days. Fasting is completed with holiday of 'Eid al-Fitr'. All the wealthy Muslims on that day should help the poor.

Azerbaijan has officially celebrated holy Ramadan holiday since 1993. This year the holiday is celebrated on June 26-27.

The Eid al-Fitr prayer was performed at 09:00 am in all mosques throughout the country. CMO Chairman Allahshukur Pashazadeh joined the prayer in Tezepir mosque in Baku.


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