Azerbaijan has strong wrestlers, Stepan Maranyan says

Azerbaijan has strong wrestlers, Stepan Maranyan says

Today Baku is hosting the first day of the European Games. The national team of Azerbaijan performs very well, as Azerbaijanis have already won four medals in the competitions. Two of them are gold. The Russian national team is also not far behind. The first gold medal was won by wrestler Stepan Maranyan in the competition of Greco-Roman wrestling in the weight category up to 59 kg. In the final round he defeated Soslan Daurov from Belarus.

After the fight Maranyan gave an interview to Vestnik Karkaza and expressed his feelings and hos impressions of the fight in the Baku 2015 European Games.

"To be honest, I'm in euphoria, I do not even realize what has happened," he noted, adding that the onlookers’ disapproval motivated him – ’’when they began to make a noise, I got angry and ready to fight."

The athlete devoted his victory to his father. "I promised him an Olympic medal, but today I won this medal. I hope that I will win not only a European but also an Olympic medal," Maranyan said. The athlete added that his relatives, wife, mother, all his brothers and sisters supported him at home.

According to him, the athlete liked the atmosphere at the Baku 2015 European Games. "People like wrestling here. The Azerbaijani team has strong fighters.

‘‘The equipping of the hall is great, there’s a lot of room," Maranyan noted.

At the end of the conversation the hero of the first day of competitions wished all the athletes of the Russian team to do their best and win medals at the competitions.