Azerbaijan hosts republican Olympiad in Russian language and literature

 Azerbaijan hosts republican Olympiad in Russian language and literature

Today, the third round of the 10th republican Olympiad in Russian language and literature is being held in Azerbaijan. It is being held at the Baku school No. 42, which hosts the Olympics for the third time. Students from Nasimi, Binagadi, and Narimanov districts of Azerbaijan's capital will take part in it.

The Olympics in Baku will also be held in Yasamal and Karadag districts, in Pirallahi, and then in Sumgait, Agstafa and other regions of Azerbaijan.

The republican Olympiad in Russian language and literature kicked off on January 12. The first round was held in Baku at school number 17, the second round - on January 13 at school number 74. Over 350 pupils in the 7th - 8th grades from 73 schools of four districts of Baku took part in them.

The organizers of the Olympics are the Russian Embassy and the Rossotrudnichestvo Mission in Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan's Ministry of Education and the Association of Teachers of Russian-speaking Educational Facilities of the Republic.

The head of the Association of Teachers of Russian-speaking Educational Facilities of Azerbaijan, Lyudmila Yakunina, speaking with Vestnik Kavkaza, noted that "practically all regions of Azerbaijan take part in these Olympics. "For example, 2,5 thousand children participated in it last year. Our pupils are very interested in Olympiads in Russian language," she said.

"The Olympiad consists of two blocks: the first is testing based on the school program, and the second is public speaking. There are 10 topic in the public speaking block, the participants prepare answers for all of them, then choose an exam paper and answer their topic. If they are ready to tell about any other topic, we will listen to them, because the main thing is that they understand what they are talking about and how they do it, "Lyubov Yakunina said.

Deputy Director of the Research Institute of Education of Azerbaijan's Ministry of Education, Farkhad Amirbekov, drew attention to those motives that prompt citizens to learn Russian language today. "There are more labor resources in Azerbaijan than jobs. The labor migration is usual for the country, and Russia is one of the most popular areas of job search. In order for citizens to find work in Russia, the state takes the necessary measures, for example, last year Azerbaijan's Ministry of Education and Technological University (ATU) together with the The Peoples' Friendship University of Russia created the program of training and certification of the ATU students in accordance with the requirements of the Russian labor legislation, which will give them an ability to enter into contracts legally in Russia," he said.

"In general, over the past three years, there has been an increase in the number of first-graders who go to the Russian sector. The children take part in the Olympiad voluntarily, and we see that there is a great deal of interest in learning Russian, as well as English. Azerbaijani as the basic language of education of 90% of pupils, but in many Azerbaijani schools, Russian is studied as a foreign language," Farhad Amirbekov said.


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