Azerbaijan publishes roadmap on public utility services

Azerbaijan publishes roadmap on public utility services

The roadmap on public utility services (electric and thermal energy, water supply and gas supply), previously endorsed by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, has been published.

According to the document, during its implementation it is planned to increase the capacity of electricity generation by 1000 MW, wind energy by 350 MW, solar energy by 50 MW and bioenergy generation by 20 MW. It is planned to increase the efficiency of power plants up to 50%. The fuel saved due to that will be sold to Europe via the Southern Gas Corridor (gas pipelines TAP/TANAP), reports.

The loss of electricity should be reduced in Baku from 8.5% to 7% and in regions from 12% to 8%. Azerbaijani generation should provide 50% of electricity import by Georgia and 20% of such import by Turkey.

In the gas sector it is planned to diminish technical loss of gas to 8% and export the saved fuel via the TAP/TANAP chain.

In the water sector commercial loss could be reduced from 20% to 14% from 670 million cu m supplied by Azərsu, in the distribution system - from 31% to 25%, and the number of consumers without water meters - from 26% to 5% of the customer base.

Collection of sewage water is expected to increase from 46% up to 65% of 314 million cu m, ensured by the Azərsu system. The heat supply income are expected to increase by AZN 5.1 million.


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