Azerbaijan supports new Constitution

Azerbaijan supports new Constitution

3,671,707 citizens of Azerbaijan, who voted at yesterday's referendum on amendments and additions to the republic's constitution, supported all the changes proposed by the government.

91.03% of citizens supported extending the president’s term in office and giving the authority to the president to declare early presidential elections (4.68% were against). 87.41% voted in favor of granting the president the right to dissolve the Milli Majlis (7.11% were against).

89.32% backed constitutional reforms to introduce vice presidential positions (5.77% were against).

 91.03% voted for eliminating the age limit for running for President (4.8% were against), 88.25% voted for for MPs (6.6% were against), 84,15% for eliminating the age limit the age limit for judges (8.94% were against).

84.93% supported the introduction of provisions protecting human dignity and human rights (8.46% were against). 85.21% supported data protection (8.2% were against), 85.31% supported a lockout ban (8.33% were against), 83.47% voted for formulations of administrative and judicial guarantees of the rights and freedoms (9.2% were against), 83.2% voted for the right to be treated with dignity by officials (9.33% were against).

The new edition of the Article 29, which will now include new "Private property implies social obligations" and "For the purposes of social justice and rational use of land, the land ownership may be restricted by law" chapter was supported by 85.3% (8.29% were against).