Azerbaijani Army destroys Armenia's military convoy (VIDEO)

Azerbaijani Army destroys Armenia's military convoy (VIDEO)

The Azerbaijani armed forces destroyed the Armenian military convoy, according to the Azerbaijani Defence Ministry.

"The military equipment of Armenians, who attempted to redeploy in the daytime was destroyed by artillery fire," the statement reads.

The ministry added that the Armenian military convoy was defeated. 

The Armenian armed forces committed a large-scale provocation, subjecting the positions of the Azerbaijani army to intensive shelling from large-caliber weapons, mortars, and artillery installations of various calibers in the front-line zone on Sept. 27 at 05:00 (Msk). The command of the Azerbaijani Army decided to launch a counter-offensive operation of Azerbaijani troops along the entire front to suppress the combat activity of the Armenian armed forces and ensure the safety of the civilian population. To date, the city of Jabrayil and most of the Jabrayil district, more than half of the Fizuli district were liberated in the south, and the strategically important Murovdag mountain and the so-called sixth fortified area around the village of Sugovushan in the north were liberated.