Azerbaijani Defense Ministry denies information of mistreatment of war prisoners

Azerbaijani Defense Ministry denies information of mistreatment of war prisoners

Videos about the alleged cruel treatment of Armenian war prisoners by the Azerbaijani army, distributed in recent days on social networks, are fake, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan confirmed in Telegram.

"The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry claims that these provocative videos were staged by Armenians themselves to attract the attention of the international community. These videos have nothing to do with the military actions of Azerbaijani servicemen,” the statement reads.

The ministry also recalled that the Azerbaijani army operates following military law and in compliance with the Geneva Convention requirements. 

Recall that Armenia launched an attack on Azerbaijan on Sunday, September 27,  at about 5:00 Moscow time. To suppress the shelling and ensure the safety of the civilian population, the Azerbaijani army launched a counter-offensive operation, destroying the enemy's military equipment, military infrastructure and manpower. To date, the city of Jebrail and most of the Jebrail region, the city of Hadrut in the Khojavend region, more than half of the Fizuli region in the south, the strategically important Murovdag mountain and the so-called sixth fortified area around the village of Sugovushan in the north were unoccupied. In response, Armenia launched missile attacks on Ganja and Mingachevir, the Khizi and Absheron regions of Azerbaijan, located far away from the frontline. Currently, a ceasefire regime is in operation in Nagorno-Karabakh, but local battles and shelling of Azerbaijani settlements continue.