Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry reminds of Balligaya massacre

Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry reminds of Balligaya massacre

The Azerbaijani Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a statement related to the 28th anniversary of the Balligaya massacre.

"Today marks 28 years since the massacre committed by the armed forces of the Republic of Armenia against peaceful Azerbaijanis in the village of Balligaya, Goranboy region of the Republic of Azerbaijan. As a result of the massacre in Balligaya on August 28, 1992, 24 Azerbaijani civilians including 6 minors, as well as a 6-month-old baby and a 93-year-old woman were brutally killed,” the statement reads.

The ministry added that bodies of some of the victims, most of them being children, women, and the elderly were burned. As a result of the massacre, 3 minors lost both parents. 

"The Balligaya massacre is one of the series of massacres committed by the Armenian armed forces in Garadagli village of Khojavend region, Khojaly city, and Agdaban village of Kalbajar region in order to destroy the Azerbaijani population of Karabakh," the statement further says.


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