Azerbaijani MFA: Armenian, who raised hand against Azerbaijani woman in LA, detained

Azerbaijani MFA: Armenian, who raised hand against Azerbaijani woman in LA, detained

The peaceful rally which took place in Los Angeles was organized by local Azerbaijanis, not the Azerbaijani Consulate in LA, Spokesperson for the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry Affairs Leyla Abdullayeva said, Trend reports.

Abdullayeva made the speech at a briefing on July 23.

“After the consulate received information about the Armenian provocation, it turned to the police. The consulate staff organized buses,” noted the spokesperson.

"When the Armenian provocations against Azerbaijanis began, the buses couldn't come because the radical Armenians blocked the roads. So the police escorted the Azerbaijanis to another area. Meanwhile, an Armenian who raised hand against an Azerbaijani woman was detained, and will appear before court," she said.

Abdullayeva also noted that during the provocation of the Armenian radical forces, six people were also detained at the diplomatic mission of Azerbaijan in Belgium.

The clashes between Azerbaijanis and Armenians in Los Angeles were triggered by gross ceasefire violations by Armenian armed forces on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border in the direction of Tovuz district of Azerbaijan. The fighting continued in the following several days as well. Azerbaijan lost a number of military personnel members, who died fighting off the attacks of the Armenian armed forces.

Meanwhile a group of Armenians living in Los Angeles, California, attacked and injured a group of Azerbaijanis who gathered to peacefully protest the Armenian aggression.

The incident took place July 21 in front of Azerbaijan's Consulate in the city where Armenians verbally and physically assaulted Azerbaijanis across the street, despite tight security measures by the L.A. Police Department.