Azerbaijani MoD: Armenia bears responsibility for escalating tension

Azerbaijani MoD: Armenia bears responsibility for escalating tension

Armenia is responsible for escalating tension, Head of Azerbaijani Defense Ministry, Colonel General Zakir Hasanov said at a meeting held under his leadership at the Command Center on July 19, according to the press service of the ministry.

The meeting was attended by the deputy defense ministers, commanders of military services, chiefs of the main directorates, directorates and services of the ministry.

Commanders of military formations and formations stationed in the liberated territories and other officials were involved in the meeting through video communication.

Hasanov reminded the meeting participants of the words of the President of Azerbaijan, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev that "the war is over, but despite this, we are ready and must be ready for war at any moment."

At the same time, the minister stressed the importance of increasing the level of moral and psychological and combat training of personnel.

He instructed to raise the vigilance of servicemen taking up combat duty and to expand the capabilities of the logistical support of units.

Analyzing the current situation in the liberated territories along the Armenian-Azerbaijani state border, Hasanov noted that Armenia is responsible for the escalation of tension.

The minister also gave instructions to the commanding staff in connection with the suppression of possible provocations of the Armenian armed forces.

Having inquired about the progress of engineering-sapper work and measures for engineering support of the troops, he gave appropriate instructions to improve service and combat activities.


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