Azerbaijani President: “We will be able to produce 300 thousand tons of cotton in 2017”

Azerbaijani President: “We will be able to produce 300 thousand tons of cotton in 2017”

"More than 200 thousand tons of cotton will be produced next year. I do not want to voice any figures. I do not want to give any specific instructions, time will show. But we need to know in what order we should increase the production of cotton. I think that if all instructions are fulfilled and it should be, that in 2017 we will be able to produce 250 thousand and even 300 thousand tons of cotton”, - President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said in his closing speech at a meeting in Sabirabad region on the development of cotton production, APA reported yesterday.

The Head of State gave statistics on cotton yield: “In 1970, the yield was 17 quintals, in 1981 - already quintals. Today, the figure is 18.8 quintals. The share of cotton acreage structure also has an interesting statistic. In 1970, the cotton share was 16%, in 1982 - 22%, 2015 - 1.2%. I mean it, referring to the decline of cotton production in Azerbaijan”

"In Azerbaijan, cotton was sown on 190 thousand hectares in 1970, - 305 thousand hectares in 1982, last year 18.7 thousand hectares. This year planted 52 thousand hectares. The cotton will be planted next year 128 thousand hectares, which will collect a minimum of 250 thousands tons of cotton. But, once again I note our goal - to collect 300 thousand tons of cotton the main task is the timely collection of cotton without loss. Local authorities, central authorities entrepreneurs need to perform this task. We build up a cotton production from 35 thousand tons to 100 thousand tons. We will increase production to three times a year”, - said the president.


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