Azerbaijani army attacks strong point of enemy

Azerbaijani army attacks strong point of enemy

Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry reported on the tensions at the border with Armenia continuing over the night of July 13 and an Azerbaijani serviceman falling in action.

"On the night of July 13, the tension remained on the Tovuz direction of the state border between Azerbaijan and Armenia. During the night clashes using artillery, mortars, and tanks the Azerbaijani army units destroyed the base point, artillery mounts, automotive equipment on the premises of the military base as well as personnel," the Defense Ministry stated on its website. 

According to the Defense Ministry, First Lieutenant of the Azerbaijani Army Rashad Makhmudov was killed in action.

"Currently the operational situation is under control of the Azerbaijani troops," the statement said.

On Sunday, Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry reported the Armenian armed forces’ attempts to attack the Azerbaijani army positions on the Tovuz direction of the border using artillery and the ensued clash. According to the Ministry’s statement, the opponent sustained losses and retreated. According to the ministry’s information two Azerbaijani’s servicemen were killed in action, five were wounded. Later, one more soldier died because of the wounds sustained.


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