Azerbaijani artists shared with Vestnik Kavkaza memories of Arif Melikov

Azerbaijani artists shared with Vestnik Kavkaza memories of Arif Melikov

The death of composer Arif Melikov was a serious loss for the entire people of Azerbaijan, the Minister of Culture of Azerbaijan, Abulfaz Garayev said in an interview with the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza.

"Arif Melikov was the last of the Mohicans of the Azerbaijani composer school. This is a great loss not only for music, but also for the Azerbaijani people, because Arif Melikov always adhered to Azerbaijanism, its traditions in his works, he was a great promoter of modern Azerbaijani culture. His works are popular in all countries of the world. I witnessed that when his music was playing, the love to Azerbaijan increased several times,” the head of the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan said.

Abulfas Garayev stressed that Arif Melikov was also a great teacher. “He was the successor of Uzeyir Hajibeyov’s school, then he himself raised a whole galaxy of talented musicians. A great personality left us. Arif Melikov will remain in our memory, and his works will never leave the repertoire of various orchestras,” the minister said.

The rector of the Azerbaijan National Conservatory, people's artist Siyavush Kerimi said that Arif Melikov will always live in the heart of every Azerbaijani, every music admirer. "He was really a great composer who will go down in the history of modern Azerbaijani culture and music. His works will always be performed, and his memory will always be honored," he noted.

The Chairwoman of the Union of Composers of Azerbaijan, People’s Artist, Professor Firangiz Alizade stressed that Arif Melikov’s music will always sound. "Our teacher passed away. He taught us in this academy for many years. He created brilliant works such as’ Legends of Love’. He lived a decent life. His works were performed on the best stages of the world. I think his music will always sound, his graduates will pass his legacy to the next generations, and Azerbaijanis will be proud of having such a great composer as Arif Melikov, "she said.

Recall, the laureate of the State Prize of Azerbaijan, knight of of the Shohrat, Istiglal and Heydar Aliyev orders, an outstanding Azerbaijani composer Arif Melikov died in Baku today. The farewell ceremony was held today at the Uzeir Hajibeyli Baku Academy of Music.


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