"Azerbaijani graduates of Russian universities to contribute to development of Azerbaijan"

"Azerbaijani graduates of Russian universities to contribute to development of Azerbaijan"

A graduation ceremony for international students was held at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation today for the first time. Azerbaijani citizens were among those graduated, so the ceremony was attended by the delegation from the Azerbaijani embassy in Russia.

Counselor for Humanitarian Affairs of the Azerbaijani Embassy Vugar Imamaliyev, speaking with the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza, noted that cooperation between the two countries is positive, with humanitarian cooperation as one of the foundations. "Our Azerbaijani students are being educated in many Russian universities. Today we are at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, from which nine citizens of Azerbaijan have graduated. I hope they will return to our country and will strengthen the financial component of our state," he said.

"It is gratifying that the graduates of this institute work in the government and other state structures of the Russian Federation - this is an indicator of the university's level and the level of staff training. Our Azerbaijani citizens who graduated from this university will contribute to the development of not only Azerbaijan's economy and finance, but also to Russia-Azerbaijan cooperation in this field. I congratulate our students, wish them success and the opportunity to carry the flag of Azerbaijan with dignity and be part of the Russian-Azerbaijani community," Imamaliyev wished the Azerbaijani graduates of the Financial University.

Vice-Rector of the Financial University for International Cooperation Alexander Linnikov, in turn, praised the level of Azerbaijani students. "The community of Azerbaijani students is traditionally one of the brightest, most active and most numerous among the student corps of the university," he said.

"We work with our Azerbaijani colleagues, we cooperate with the Azerbaijani embassy. Our international student support service is always happy that students from Azerbaijan are among the most talented," the representative of the Financial University stressed.


Linnikov stressed that the Financial University attaches great importance to today's ceremony. "The first ceremony of honoring our international graduates is an important and exciting event for us, because we demonstrate today's graduates who we are justly proud of. They are talented young people who come to life with a good education and good wishes from the Financial University. Thus, we are building the future not only in our country, but also abroad," the vice-rector pointed out.

"Graduates of the Financial University are part of the business, political, financial elite of many Russia's partner countries, friendly countries. Thanks to our graduates, we strive to strengthen this friendship and develop those long-term, close ties between our countries. Wonderful young people come to us from these countries to learn Russian language and Russian culture. They often participate in scientific projects. We are justly proud of them," Alexander Linnikov concluded.


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