Azerbaijani group team licensed for Tokyo Olympics

According to the results of the group teams qualifying performances, the results of group all-around were determined at the 37th Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships in Bak. The first eight teams of the group all-around received licenses for the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Among the licensed teams is the Azerbaijani group team with 53.1 points for two exercises.

In an exercise with five balls, the Azerbaijani group team ranked 9th with 26.4 points, but then the group performed well in the exercise with three hoops and two pairs of clubs, ranking 7th with 26.7 points, thus getting an Olympic license.

The winner in the all-around exercise became the Russian team with 58.7 points (30 points for five balls, 28.7 points for hoops and clubs). The Japanese team ranked 2nd with 58.2 points (29.2 points for five balls, 29 points for hoops and clubs). The Bulgarian team became 3rd with 58 points (29.2 points for five balls, 28.8 points for hoops and clubs).

The teams of Belarus, Italy, Israel and China were also licensed for Tokyo Olympics.

This week, on September 16-22, the 37th World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships is held at the National Gymnastics Arena in Baku. The tournament is the qualification competition for the 32nd Olympic Games in Tokyo. More than 300 gymnasts from 61 countries are competing for nine sets of medals. The motto of the tournament is “Fairy tales will come to life”.