Azerbaijani parliament approves 2020 state budget

Azerbaijani parliament approves 2020 state budget

The Azerbaijani parliament approved the bill 'On state budget of the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2020' today at the last reading.

The revenues and expenses of the consolidated budget for 2020, as in the submitted bill, are envisaged at over 27.5 billion manat ($16.2 billion) and over 29.5 billion manat ($17.4 billion).

The amount of social spending next year will reach over 10.6 billion manat ($6.2 billion), which is over 2.9 billion manat ($1.7 billion) or 37% more than this year.

During the plenary session the questions raised by the MPs in connection with the budget were studied by the Ministry of Finance and corresponding answers were given to them. The state budget was put to the vote and adopted in the third reading following the discussions.