Azerbaijani president: I discussed Iskander issue with Putin

Azerbaijani president: I discussed Iskander issue with Putin

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said Baku had sent an official letter to Moscow regarding the Iskander-M missiles.

"Nothing was hidden from the Azerbaijani people. I think that the Azerbaijani people must know everything. We discussed the issue of the Iskander-M missile with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense sent an official letter with photographs and evidence upon my instructions. But so far we have not received an answer," President Aliyev said.

"When the Armenian prime minister said they used Iskander, but it exploded only by 10%, everybody was laughing. Probably he couldn't properly deliver the message he wanted to say. We are waiting for an official response from Armenia,” President Aliyev said. “I can say that we have enough information, but we are waiting for the official clarification," he added.