Azerbaijani president pardons four Russians

Azerbaijani president pardons four Russians

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has signed an order pardoning 634 people on the occasion of the centenary of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic.

Among the pardoned, there are 39 foreign citizens, including 11 citizens of Georgia, 5 citizens of China, 4 citizens of Russia and Iran, 3 citizens of Turkey and Bangladesh, 2 citizens of Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, citizens of Uzbekistan, Cameroon, India, Afghanistan and Ukraine, as well as 3 stateless persons.

Under the presidential order, 607 convicts are released from the unserved part of their prison sentence. The order also released one convict facing a deferred sentence and nine people serving a conditional sentence.

Also under the order, six persons were freed from the remainder of their correctional labor, and 11 persons were freed from fines.


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