BBC journalist: any day that Pashinyan spends on Facebook lost for Armenia

BBC journalist: any day that Pashinyan spends on Facebook lost for Armenia

Russian BBC journalist Grigor Atanesyan criticized Armenia's Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan for his unprofessional attitude towards opponents, emphasizing that the PM should not respond to comments on social networks, but raise the economy and living standards in the country instead

"The Armenian government has serious problems with criticism. Facing provocations, Prime Minister Pashinyan immediately gets very defensive, overreacts and gets personal," Atanesyan explained.

Moreover, law enforcement agencies repeatedly detained critics and raided media outlets. It’s clear that Pashinyan’s critics are not angels, some of them are provocateurs and paranoid, but it’s clear that they are insignificant, they have little support, unlike Pashinyan. As a result, the prime minister’s attacks give hem freedom of action," the BBC journalist said.

"In addition, they can ultimately win, because any day that Pashinyan spends in endless battles on Facebook is lost for Armenia. According to a recent survey by the International Republican Institute (IRI), people in Armenia most of all want jobs and the economic growth,  which are very difficult to provide, given the limited resources and complex geopolitics," he concluded.

The Past newspaper drew attention to the constant lowering of Nikol Pashinyan's approval rating because of his live broadcasts on Facebook.