Baby born with nevus arrives in Russia for treatment

Baby born with nevus arrives in Russia for treatment

A baby whose birthmark on her face makes her look like 'Batman' arrived in Russia for treatment, her mother Carol Fenner wrote on her Instagram page.

Luna Fenner, from south Florida, was born with the skin condition congenital melanocytic nevus. The disorder causes abnormally dark blemishes, usually across the face.

Doctors in the U.S. agreed to perform laser surgery on the blemish, however, they warned the youngster would have to endure around 100 operations.

With her parents losing hope, a Russian surgeon got in touch after reading about Luna in a local newspaper. The medic has offered to perform a pioneering treatment that is not yet available in the U.S., Daily Mail reported.

Luna is set to fly to Krasnodar in Russia to begin tests. If successful, she is expected to have between six and eight surgeries.


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